TKS Shanghai Co., Ltd. is the service point for NIKKISO CO., LTD., SUNDYNE LLC, SUNDYNE ASIA JAPAN CO., LTD., LEWA GmbH., SHANGHAI NIKKISO NON-SEAL PUMP CO., LTD., LEWA PUMPS (DALIAN) CO., LTD, and TAIKKISO CO., LTD.. This service point provides sales and after service for Nikkiso, Sundyne, and Lewa products.

TKS Shanghai Co., Ltd. is the professional supplier of pump and compressor equipments. Based on our solid sales records at the amount of around ten thousands of Nikkiso products offered by Taikkiso Co., Ltd. and technical support experience, TKS Shanghai Co., Ltd will provide high quality products and industrial expertise to meet your satisfactions.


Contact Person:Kevin Hsieh, Andy Yeh




ADDRESS:903 Metrobank Plaza, No. 1160, Yan An Road West, Shanghai 200052, China

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